Let’s go back to this day?

I hate dating female ass niggas.
#mylife #2014aintmyyear #Dudesouthereusingppl

Good job bitch!

Now that you’ve grown up and old enough to understand. I think sex is quite weird how can pleasure you make you feel so good and make your partner feel so good and then at the same time it can hurt you make you feel alone make you feel used.



omg people are complaining about the part of the mlp post that’s like “you don’t have to shave, wear makeup, or ‘girl clothes’ you don’t owe shit for being female”


"the reality of a lot of trans women’s lives is that they do, in fact, have to shave and undergo painful electrolysis, and…







women are afraid to call themselves females.

that’s the direction that feminism has taken.

fight it.

we’re afraid to talk about our periods, our pregnancies, our abortions,…

Finally someone making sense.

Die alone.

Once you realize no one gives af , you have figured out life.

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How can I budget to wear designer clothing?


The worst thing you can do with your money is buy designer clothing. Its over priced, over valued and over sensationalised. Save whatever you have and buy a plane ticket to somewhere new.

Trust me that experience of travelling has more longevity than a shirt from Givenchy made with child labor in china. If people used their Jordans money to see new cultures, they would be more well rounded individuals from Chicago.

What use is it to gain worldly possessions an loose your soul? When you die you won’t be buried with the things you bought.

Stay blessed and Inspired


I love that T-shirt

I feel like death.

I am the saddest now than ever before. I just want out. Just leave me the fuck alone.


Beach feeling. 🐚🐳🌊
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